10 Awesome Mezzanine Interior Designs That Will Inspire You

Best Kitchens Under a Mezzanine

Mezzanine is an open balcony in the house. Located higher than the floor and connected to the stairs, you can use it as another room. Besides saving space, your home also looks cooler than before.

Having a spacious and beautiful house is certainly a dream of many people, especially the house where you usually spend the most time with family, of course comfort is the most desirable thing. However, given the many new families who are still struggling to have a spacious dream home, they have managed to have a small, minimalist, and grateful home, even though it may be a bit cramped.

Mezzanine Design Makes Homes More Artistic. Actually, narrow and minimalist houses can also be deceived, with the addition of mezzanine techniques.

Small Apartment with Mezzanine Ideas

Small Apartment with Mezzanine Ideas

You can have a comfortable and beautiful relaxing area by using mezzanine in your room. Don’t forget to add lighting that supports the atmosphere of the room to make it feel more artistic and beautiful. Mezzanine can be modified in terraced houses, depending on the model.

Fun, the addition of mezzanine can make your house look more spacious although actually ‘only’ given additional space in the corner of the stairs, between the lower and upper floors.

The dominance of white in the mezzanine design idea makes the room more spacious and cleaner, you know. Try not to pile up too much stuff in your house so it doesn’t look dirty or crowded. This design can also make your room brighter.

Come See some of the inspirational mezzanine designs that we have collected below.

Best Kitchens Under a Mezzanine

Best Kitchens Under a Mezzanine – source: lining-shop.info

Loft with suspended bed

Loft with suspended bed – source: offsomedesign.com

Mezzanine Design Apartment

Mezzanine Design Apartment – source: golestanwood.com

Mezzanine Room Interior

Mezzanine Room Interior – source: yuyek.com

Milan Wooden Stairs Mezzanine

Milan Wooden Stairs Mezzanine – source: freshpalace.com

Minimalist Home with Open Mezzanine

Minimalist Home with Open Mezzanine – source: popled.org

Minimalist Mezzanine Interior

Minimalist Mezzanine Interior – source: homesthetics.net

Modern Mezzanine Design

Modern Mezzanine Design – source: codeprom.info

Small Apartment with Mezzanine Ideas

Small Apartment with Mezzanine Ideas – source: bkchiro.com

Small Studio Apartment

Small Studio Apartment – source: guadeloupeisland.info

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