Best Unique Eclectic Interior Designs for You Have to See

Adorable Eclectic Style Interior Design

Eclectic Interior Designs is a style of design and architecture that emerged in the 19th and 20th centuries. This style combines elements of the historical style of the past to create something new and original. Eclectic style is a design style that has a method of combining various aspects, ideas, theories aimed at making the best architecture with existing combinations.

Eclecticism does not always combine, but sometimes it only applies to one style, only in the form of construction, function, and the conceptual side is different from the original system.

In architecture and interior design, these elements include building structures, furniture, decorating motifs, historical ornaments, traditional cultural motifs or styles from other countries.

Interior Brooklyn Pop

Interior Brooklyn Pop

In the 19th century, Europe and the United States underwent a massive Industrial Revolution, which also gave rise to new material in architecture. Cast iron, wrought iron, steel, and glass appear as building materials that are more practical to use. However, without a clue how to use these new materials, many architects look for inspiration and see past architectural styles. The 19th century is synonymous with a series of ‘awakening movements’, where the style of the past reappears as a symbol of modern power.

Eclectic emerged at the end of the 19th century because architects at that time wanted to discover new styles that had never been seen before. On the basis of past design styles, they then mix and combine various styles that ultimately provide a lot of inspiration with freedom of expression.

The main driving force of Eclectism is creation, not nostalgia and wanting to create original designs. Curious as to what the design of an eclectic style? Look at the following designs.

Here Are Eclectic Interior Designs Ideas for Inspiration

Adorable Eclectic Style Interior Design

Adorable Eclectic Style Interior Design – source:

Interior Brooklyn Pop – source:

Unique Eclectic Interior Design

Unique Eclectic Interior Design – source:

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