10 Creative Wall Shelves Ideas That You Can Apply in Your Home

Decorative Bedroom Wall Shelf

These creative wall shelves ideas are usually made based on the creativity you have. This wall shelf can be a storage area in your home. Whether in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, or even in the bathroom. The existence of this shelf will be a place to store items or room accessories so that it is more elegant and cool. A room that is decorated with lots of accessories will make it more attractive and lively. The wall doesn’t look empty. The most interesting thing is that this decoration can add beauty to a room in your home. For that, some creative wall shelf ideas that you can try to apply in several rooms in your home.

This will give a new, more impressive look to your home so that it can become a room that makes you feel more at home.

The Following Are 10 Creative Wall Shelves Ideas That You Can Apply in Your Home

1. For Living Room

Beautiful Living Room Wall Shelves

The living room will be more attractive and impressive if you can put up some wall decorations. So don’t just focus on the furniture arrangement. The room will be more alive if the walls are not empty.

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Best Living Room Wall Shelves

Install a unique and cool wall shelf to make the living room more elegant and luxurious. You can use a shelf color combination like this, white and brown to produce an awesome living room look.

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2. For Bedroom

Stunning Bedroom Wall Shelves

The bedroom becomes a place to rest when you come home after activities outside the house. So that to make the quality more comfortable, of course, it must be with neat and good room decoration. Tidy here makes the room beautiful both from the decoration and also from the arrangement of the items.

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Decorative Bedroom Wall Shelf

Use a wall storage rack with solid wood. Besides being stronger, it can also present a more elegant impression and modern rustic style.

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3. For Kitchen

Marvelous Kitchen Shelves Ideas

The kitchen should be neatly organized even though we know that there are many things in it. When compared to other space equipment, the kitchen has a million equipment that must be available as equipment for cooking every day.

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Best Kitchen Wall Shelves

To make it look more modern and tidy, you can use this wall shelf to make the kitchen more elegant and cool. So, more modern styles will be produced with the application of a simple and simple kitchen.

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4. For Bathroom

Simple DIY Bathroom Shelves

A simple bathroom will still be able to make you more comfortable if it is well organized. Starting from tools and equipment you can easily reach when needed.

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Awesome Bathroom Wall Shelf Ideas

Creating a beautiful decoration in the bathroom makes the room more elegant and attractive. A beautiful bathroom will make you feel more at home. Add some other wall accessories to make it more attractive.

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5. For Dining Room

Modern Decorative Wall Shelves Ideas

In the dining room design, you can also install various kinds of wall displays to make it more attractive. For example, make a wall display creation. Use bright wall colors to make the dining room more attractive.

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Dining Room Wall Decoration

Turn the dining room into modern design by adding a variety of decorations. Starting from wall decorations, chandeliers, and some cool furniture.

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Hopefully, this article can be of use to you.

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