12 Comfortable Small Kitchen Designs That Make Cooking More Efficient

Small Kitchen Design

Small kitchen does make your space is limited. But if you can find out the tricks to outsmart it through the right design, even a small kitchen will feel as comfortable as a large kitchen.

Then, what are the tricks for small kitchen design? The first trick to designing a small kitchen is to use a U-shaped cabinet. With a cabinet like this, you can move freely in the middle of the kitchen while cooking and preparing food.

In addition, you do not need to go far when you want to move a used pan to the laundry, or when taking a plate to move food from the pan. Simply rotate your body to the right or left alone. Efficient movement, this little kitchen design!

Kitchen Cabinets For Small Kitchen

Kitchen Cabinets For Small Kitchen

The second, the window as a path of air circulation and natural light from the sun. The presence of a window in the design of a small kitchen will make the kitchen look bigger and wider. How can? Because the kitchen will be bright thanks to sunlight and your view will be wider outside the home.

The next trick you can do when you have a small kitchen is to use every corner of the kitchen. Do not leave corners that are not used in small kitchen designs. If it is possible to install a cabinet in each corner of the top of the kitchen, why not? The backsplash area can also be used as an area to hang small cooking utensils.

This storage technique will be a more efficient place than storing it in a cupboard. When you want to use one of the cooking utensils beforehand, you will find it easier to find and retrieve it without the need to unload the stack in the cupboard.

You can just apply a minimalist design known as a design that is suitable for small-sized dwellings. This minimalist design is also perfect for your small kitchen design. The key to this minimalist design is an adequate amount of furniture and a simple cabinet model. Without the presence of a lot of complicated furniture, the kitchen will feel more relieved.

Here we have prepared several small kitchen designs that are comfortable for you to have.

best scandinavian kitchen designs

best scandinavian kitchen designs – source: byrneseyeview.com

Breakfast Bar Ideas For Small Kitchens

Breakfast Bar Ideas For Small Kitchens – source: schmidtsbigbass.com

Kitchen Cabinet Design

Kitchen Cabinet Design – source: pinterest.com

Kitchen Sets For Small Kitchens

Kitchen Sets For Small Kitchens – source: pinterest.ru

Modern Small Kitchen Table Sets

Modern Small Kitchen Table Sets – source: decoor.net

Small Apartment Kitchen Design

Small Apartment Kitchen Design – source: interiorson.com

Small Kitchen Cabinets

Small Kitchen Cabinets – source: pinterest.com

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Small Kitchen Design Ideas – source: justhomedesign.com

Small Kitchen Design

Small Kitchen Design – source: benimmulku.com

Small Kitchen Ideas

Small Kitchen Ideas – source: azulrosaynotanrosa.com

Small Kitchen Interior Design

Small Kitchen Interior Design – source: beautifulhabitat.com

Small Kitchen Layouts

Small Kitchen Layouts – source: fenerlist.org

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