12 Beautiful Industrial Kitchen Designs That Make a Kitchen More Artistic

Sensational Kitchen Designs

The kitchen is one room that always gets more attention in a house. In fact, opinions often arise that the kitchen is the center of a house, making it an important room that must be well-designed and thorough. Therefore, the concept of the kitchen that will be chosen becomes very important to fit the style and personality of its inhabitants. One design that is popular and popular with many people is the industrial kitchen design.

Kitchen combined with dining room or even family room is a trend in home interior design at this time. The reason is practical and can provide family warmth. So when the mother cooks, the father and children can play or just chat in the living room. Communication with those who are active in the kitchen can still be done. That will make activities in the kitchen fun and not boring. Especially if all the rooms are arranged in a style that is able to support a warm and intimate atmosphere.

This industrial kitchen design is increasingly in demand by the public. Besides being cheaper in terms of cost, this industrial style kitchen design is able to provide a special appeal because of the color applications it offers.

Sensational Kitchen Designs

Sensational Kitchen Designs

In industrial kitchen design, aesthetics (beauty) and usability (ease of use of an item) are combined harmoniously. For industrial kitchen design applications, usually using semi-finished decoration (unfinished) so that it can create a raw impression on the interior of your kitchen.

You can give a touch of art but still bring an industrial feel. For example, you bring an artistic touch to furniture, lighting and room accessories. This aesthetic application in industrial-style interior design will make your kitchen more attractive.

Another thing that can be done to implement this industrial kitchen design is to let the water pipe visible and also to use a chandelier with an open cable. Cabinets and storage racks can also be left open without doors (open shelving) which gives the impression of relief in the kitchen space.

Here we present some beautiful and artistic industrial style kitchen designs.

Cool Industrial Kitchen Designs

Cool Industrial Kitchen Designs – source: feedinspiration.com

Industrial Chic Apartment Design

Industrial Chic Apartment Design – source: decoratorist.com

Industrial Interior Lighting

Industrial Interior Lighting – source: frankhouse.org

Industrial Kitchen Design Ideas

Industrial Kitchen Design Ideas – source: freshouz.com

Industrial Kitchen Designs

Industrial Kitchen Designs – source: homify.co.uk

industrial style kitchen table

industrial style kitchen table – source: teiw.org

Industrial Style Kitchen

Industrial Style Kitchen – source: ricardocabral.info

Kitchen Designers Seattle

Kitchen Designers Seattle – source: borjemiladco.com

Sensational Kitchen Designs

Sensational Kitchen Designs – source: 1839mag.com

Spectacular Industrial Kitchen Designs

Spectacular Industrial Kitchen Designs – source: architectureartdesigns.com

Stunning Industrial Tiny Kitchen

Stunning Industrial Tiny Kitchen – source: airows.com

Vintage Style Metal Kitchens

Vintage Style Metal Kitchens – source: archiproducts.com

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