6 Creative DIY Tires Garden Design Ideas For New Shades In Garden

Blue DIY Tires Garden Ideas

Making your garden more beautiful doesn’t have to be expensive. We can even make it prettier than unused materials, one of which is used tires. If you have used car tires, you can really make them into pots and decorate them. For example, painted a variety of colors, and filled with a variety of ornamental plants.

Therefore, for you who have used car tires, it is better to bring a garden where you use DIY used tires that will beautify your home garden. DIY used tires in this park are a bit difficult to make, but in this article, I will give you used tires that will make you want to have them.

Following are many DIY tires garden :

Beautiful DIY Tires Garden Ideas

In the picture above makes the shape of a frog with used tires which makes this animal quite easy. Because used tires are only stacked in accordance with their shape and then added a few decorations in the animal’s shape.

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Blue DIY Tires Garden Ideas

In the picture above the plants are in old tires that already have a blue color which is above the wood as a buffer. Not only that, but the plants applied to these old tires also have a beautiful color.

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Cool DIY Tires Garden Ideas

In the picture above using old tires, wood, plants, and carpets. With these four ingredients make a beautiful and attractive garden. This plant is hung to be more beautiful and beautiful.

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Creative DIY Tires Garden Ideas

If you are a creative person, used tires that you don’t use can be made into animal shapes. As in the picture above which has the shape of a turtle from a used tire that will make the park a more extraordinary atmosphere.

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Lovely DIY Tires Garden Ideas

Used tires that you have must be colored in a different color so that it will look attractive if collected. With a different color, give plants in colored tires.

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Simple DIY Tires Garden Ideas

Used tires placed on the fence of the house by giving plants in it will beautify. In addition, the presence of plants on the fence is more interesting and beautiful.

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