6 Interesting Dining Table Design Ideas For Your Kitchen

Incredible Dining Table Design Ideas

The dining table is the main furniture and becomes ‘life’ in the dining room. Because this object is an activity carried out together and everyone can enjoy food comfortably.

In addition to the matter of its important function, the dining table can also influence the impression of being copied in the dining room. For this reason, choosing the right dining table model is also an important consideration when you design it. Well in this article I will give an idea of ​​dining table design as inspiration for you.

The following are many dining table designs

Black Dining Table Design ideas

Unlike the minimalist concept which is usually dominated by white, this one design uses black and brown as the main color of the interior of the room. The main focus of this room and of course fall on the dining table surrounded by modern chairs.

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Cozy Dining Table Design Ideas

For those of you who want to experiment with colors in a minimalist home concept, this one design can be used as inspiration! The design of the dining table is made of teak wood as a color enhancer component in the room.

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Glass Dining Table Ideas

Sleek and chic uses white as the main color palette. The white color looks simple, but with the addition of a clear glass dining table, it will further enhance the interior appearance of the dining room.

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Incredible Dining Table Design Ideas

The table above is made of teak wood which has been coated with black varnish to make it look more shiny and modern. The shape is rectangular and accompanied by rows of chairs made of brown wood which are parallel to the ornamental plants on the table. So that the room does not look empty, you can hang artistic paintings on the front wall of the table.

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Lovely Dining Table Designs

This dining table model is different from the others in a circle shape. In addition, the round table design is very widely used because eating together is more harmonious and comfortable.

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Stunning Dining Table Designs

Give a natural accent to the dining room by using a table made of raw wood. Cut and varnished wood always has a different fiber pattern, increasing the uniqueness and exclusivity of your dining table. The natural impression will be felt more if you also use raw wood-framed dining chairs. However, you can also use modern and minimalist dining chairs for beautiful contrast accents.

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