5 Interesting Space Limiting Design Ideas

Simple Space Limiting Design Ideas

Interesting Space Limiting Design Ideas. As it is known that in every room in the house separated by a wall. However, this wall separator is perfect for minimalist and modern homes.

For those of you who have a small house, then make a divider between rooms so that it is more spacious and comfortable. However, if you choose a room divider that is not good it will make the display uncomfortable.

While with the right partition space, it not only becomes more functional but will have visual added value. A partition is a field that is used as a room divider.

Benefits of Using Room Partitions

The size of the room will still feel roomy even though it has been divided into two rooms or even more. In addition, creating partitions is also the most important part of the interior which also functions as a decorative element.

Room Partition Material Selection

For selection, use a material partition that does not damage other interior elements such as walls and floors. Why is that? Because the nature of partitions that are not permanent gives you many possibilities to move its position.

In choosing the partition design is rather difficult. However, you need to keep in mind that as the world of interior design develops, models and types of room dividers don’t only depend on the function.

So, if you have a room divider using a building and want to enhance the appearance of another room, use an attractive room divider. Now in this article, we will give you space limiting design ideas as inspiration for you.

The following are much space limiting design ideas

Cozy Space Limiting Design Ideas

In the interior of this house is a living room that is given a room divider with a staircase behind it. In addition, this barrier uses wood that has plant decorations to make the interior more attractive.

Source Image

Fabulous Space Limiting Design Ideas

The divider room in the picture above is between the bedroom and the living room. In this one room divider using curtains so that it is more easily applied. However, don’t just have curtains. If your curtains are not attractive then the interior is not good.

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Gorgeous Space Limiting Design Ideas

In the picture above is the existence of a living room and dining room separated using storage. Storage above is made of wood and there is an attractive decoration.

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Lovely Space Limiting Design Ideas

This time the room divider uses industrial material used as a place for plants. Besides attracting attention, the presence of this plant can make fresh air.

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Simple Space Limiting Design Ideas

In this room the barrier also uses curtains. However, the curtains used to match the interior color. So, it will make the interior more attractive and comfortable to look at.

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Those are some space limiting design ideas that you can apply to your home’s interior. For those of you who are interested in the charming interior of the living room can be seen here.

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