6 Most Popular Vertical Wall Planter Ideas You Should Try

Lovely Vertical Wall Plant Ideas with Lamp

Having a vertical wall plant is very comfortable indeed. How can? The idea of ​​a vertical wall plant doesn’t really need a large area. Moreover, this is very suitable to be applied to houses in the city.

In this day and age, land prices are very expensive. So, to build your own home must think of designs and interiors that are suitable for the home. Even if you don’t have a front or back yard, you can still present this potted plant as a solution for the beauty of your home’s interior.

Benefits of Vertical Wall Plants

There are so many benefits to be had on this vertical wall. Vertical wall plants can make the air inside the house fresh and comfortable. In addition, vertical wall plants do not really need areas in the house.

Presenting this vertical wall plant also does not really require expensive costs. In addition, this vertical wall plant can also be made with used goods.

Vertical wall plants are perfect for those of you who don’t want to be complicated in presenting plants at home. Plants in the house can also beautify the interior of the house. Well in this article we will give the idea of ​​a vertical wall plant pot as an inspiration for you.

The following are many vertical wall plant ideas

Beautiful Vertical Wall Plant Ideas for Kitchen

In the picture above there are plants that are near the window. When there is air in or out will make the room fresh. Plants that are in the kitchen are suitable to make air circulation in the kitchen more comfortable to breathe and fun.

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Cool Vertical Wall Plant Ideas

On the second plant wall on a gray wall. Not only that, but there are also many plants in this wall plant. So, by interfering with many plants will beautify the appearance of the house.

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Cozy Vertical Wall Planter Ideas

on this interesting plant that will be interesting. In addition, the resulting color combination is also very beautiful. More with greenery and white walls.

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DIY Vertical Wall Plant Ideas

On the walls of this plant using wood so that it can stick to the wall. The plants used are also very easy to care for. In addition, this plant uses pots so it becomes more attractive. Rural-style plants that will make the home more comfortable.

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Lovely Vertical Wall Plant Ideas with Lamp

Having a white interior signifies that a room will look more beautiful and sacred. In vertical plants, this wall uses wire to make vertical plants. In addition, there are also white lights so that it is more classic. Tables and shoes made of wood in addition to sweetening the appearance of a white interior.

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Wooden Vertical Wall Plant Ideas

On the walls of this plant is also made of wood. This wall plant has a unique shape. There are plants that are directly planted into wood using soil and there are plants that use pots so that wood is used to support.

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Those are some of the many vertical wall plants that you can emulate. For those of you who are interested in plants above the house can be seen here.

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