7 Creative DIY Shelves Storage Ideas Using Wooden Pallet

Incredible DIY Shelves Storage Ideas

More and more people are aware of the environment, everything that is needed recycling is now increasingly in demand. Besides being environmentally friendly, recycled products also come with more competitive prices.

In the furniture world, recycling applications are quite common. We can see industrial style wooden pallets made into many things. Simple, simple, and versatile are some of the advantages of this inexpensive pallet material. With a little creativity, this material can be used for various types of beautiful furniture. In addition, the creativity you have can create a storage rack that will beautify the interior of your home. Now in this article, I will give you an idea of DIY storage racks made of wooden pallets.

The following is a creative DIY shelves storage ideas:

Awesome DIY Shelves Storage Ideas

On this wooden pallet rack is located in the living room as a sweetener for the interior of the living room. Not only that, with a simple appearance but can enhance the appearance of a rustic-style living room.

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Beautiful DIY Shelves Storage Ideas

This wooden pallet rack is made by itself where the rack is mounted to the wall. In addition, this shelf is only intended to post photos for memories with family and friends that are used as photos.

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Cozy DIY Laundry Basket Ideas

This wooden pallet is made into a place for laundry clothes so that it will be easier to unite the garment with other clothes. Not only easy, but this wooden pallet idea is also very cheaply applied to the interior of the house.

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Incredible DIY Shelves Storage Ideas

This DIY wooden pallet idea makes vertical shoe storage racks. Not only vertical but also attached to the wall for shoe storage racks.

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Pretty DIY Shelves Ideas

This corner rack is made of pallets that can make corners in the house more beautiful and attractive. With creative designs that can make it look more beautiful.

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Simple DIY Shoe Storage Ideas

On a shoe rack made of white wooden pallets that will bring beauty to the shoe rack. In addition, to beautify this shoe rack, on the shoe rack plants are applied which will make it more attractive.

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Stunning DIY Shelves Storage Ideas

On this wooden pallet rack it looks very simple but behind the simplicity of this rack is the width. With a wide shelf like this will make more and more items or collections placed on this shelf.

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