Best 7 Amazing Home Exterior Designs That Inspire You

Rustic Home Exterior Designs

One of the fundamental questions is what is the beautiful front view of the house? The architect in the following idea book shows the importance of home exteriors and this is unquestionable. Everything remains with the lifestyle and usefulness of the house itself. For some families, the minimalist and simple exterior feels ideal, and for others, the natural rustic exterior creates their dream home.

Whatever the size and style of your home, you need to consider and sort out the right exterior model for the house before starting construction. Remember, it is the outside of the house that makes the first impression for others in your neighborhood and your guests. Well in this article I will provide the home exterior design as inspiration for you.

The following are many home exterior designs :

Gorgeous Home Exterior Designs

The design of this house has a very beautiful shape and also attractive. With a combination of colors and views of the garden in front of the house makes the exterior of this house more special.

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Incredible Home Exterior Design Ideas

There is no rule that states that the minimalist home exterior style must be similar to each other. This is clearly seen in the exterior design of this house. The wall supporting terrace and one side of the facade of the front wall of the house, designed with a certain slope that succeeded in giving a truly unique appearance.

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Lovely Home Exterior Design Ideas

This house proves that vines can be the center of attention of minimalist home exterior designs. The use of vines like this brings many benefits. Starting from the green color that evokes a fresh feel, and its ability to make the shelter feel more calm and cooler.

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Minimalist Home Exterior Designs

The use of large glass walls as part of a minimalist home exterior design like this brings several benefits at once. On one side, the glass wall allows sunlight to enter freely. Another benefit is that the owner can enjoy the scenery outside the house more freely.

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Modern Home Exterior Designs

Houses with modern minimalist home exterior designs are still often chosen as the most favorite reference. Modern minimalist inspiration on this one is quite simple, with a landscape that is not too complicated. The choice of ash looks side by side with beige on the exterior design of the house.

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Rustic Home Exterior Designs

The dominance of wood and natural stone is identical to the concept of a house that is one with nature. Natural stone is used as a wall on the ground floor. While the second floor uses wood as the main material for walls. Produces a warm and comfortable residential appearance, and harmonious with the surrounding environment

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White Home Exterior Designs

The first thing that immediately caught attention when seeing this dwelling was the dominance of the white color on the walls and roof of the dwelling. The combination of white and brown colors, and a touch of golden yellow lighting coming out of the window, managed to give the impression of elegance.

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