6 Best Indoor Vegetable Garden Design Ideas What You Must Make

Design a Small Garden for Your Vegetable Garden

Lots of indoor vegetable garden design ideas that you can try in this article. We here will give you some great inspiration for the design of your dream vegetable garden. Especially for mothers who like to cook at home. Of course, the design of a vegetable garden will be a dream that must be realized. Besides making it easier for mothers to get fresh vegetables. This idea also gives your home a fresher air thanks to the presence of plants.

Another goal of a vegetable garden is to get free vegetables and pesticides and save money on spending. As we already know, vegetables on the market mostly contain pesticides. This pesticide can be dangerous for the health of people who consume it. Therefore the design idea of ​​an indoor vegetable garden will suit you. Are you getting curious? Let’s look at some of the designs below.

Here is Best Indoor Vegetable Garden Design Ideas:

Beautiful Indoor Vegetable Garden Design

This indoor vegetable garden design idea looks beautiful with a plant cupboard. Plant cabinets are made in bright white and have three levels. Each level has its own plant area such as a vegetable box ready to use. Although simple, this idea is amazing and makes the kitchen look more beautiful.

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Beautiful Vegetable Garden in Elegant Shelf

Next is a vegetable plant rack design for you to try. With this idea, you can create your own vegetable garden just by relying on a plant rack. Make a small shelf for you to make your vegetable plants with additional lights. The lamp here is intended as a substitute for sunlight for plants. This rack is also quite flexible because you can move it as you wish.

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Design a Small Garden for Your Vegetable Garden

The next design is the design of a small vegetable garden on your kitchen table. You only need to make your table given an additional small box in the middle area. Then make the box a small area for growing vegetables. So that way you can get a beautiful and amazing vegetable garden design.

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Hydroponic Vegetable Garden Design Ideas

There are also plant rack designs that are made specifically for your vegetable plant. As the design above, you can place several plants in a special rack that is equipped with plant lights. That way you can easily try various vegetable plants for your planting.

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Vegetable Garden at the House Window

The next indoor vegetable garden design is the plant rack design on the window. So you can get a vegetable garden in the house easily. Just make the window area of ​​your house an area for vegetables with a crop box. That way your vegetable plants can get direct sunlight.

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Vertical vegetable garden wall planter boxes

And lastly is an indoor vegetable garden design for you to try in your home. With this plant rack, you can place three squares of your vegetable plants in the right place. Suitable for those of you who want to try to grow vegetables with a small size. This design can also be a beautiful decoration in your home.

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How? Are you interested in one of the indoor vegetable garden designs above? I hope you can get the perfect design for you to try to make an inspiration in your own home.

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