Cozy Small Living Room Designs for Family Warmth

Small living room design

It is true, the small living room is one of the most important parts or elements of a house. Not only related to its function as a room to receive guests, but also because this space is usually the first area that we access every time we enter the house.

A warm and comfortable living room but also beautiful in its arrangement will certainly be the dream of the current householder. Then what if you only have a small living room?

Small living room design

Small living room design

Don’t worry, we have some neat design tips for those of you who have the desire to decorate a small living room!

Attach a mirror to give a broad impression

Are you familiar with the concept of installing mirrors in restaurants and coffee shops around you? Yes, the trick to using a mirror to give the impression of large spaces is not something new. Well, in our opinion this concept is suitable for you who have a small living room.

Attach a mirror to give a broad impression

Attach a mirror to give a broad impression – source:

If you can, choose a wall that directly faces the window in your living room, this is done so that the mirror can reflect natural light from outside. Or, you can also experiment with lighting and furniture arrangement in a small living room.

Pastel & neutral colors are ideal colors for small living rooms

The choice of paint colors for the size of a living room was very influential you know. According to our observations, it is not very suitable when paired with bold colors. Be careful, do not let you make mistakes that are usually done when arranging a small living room.

Pastel & neutral colors

Pastel & neutral colors – source:

Well, conversely the use of colors like white, beige, and light gray in a living room can actually create the impression of a spacious, comfortable, and warm space. You also have to adjust the accessories in the small living room with the paint color you choose.

Add indoor plants for a beautiful impression in a living room

The presence of plants in your living room will certainly beautify the room. Our advice, choose green plants whose survival is not too dependent on sunlight. This is so you will not be too bothered to bring plants outside every day. In addition to type, you must also pay attention to the right size and suitable to be placed in your small living room.

indoor plants for a beautiful impression

indoor plants for a beautiful impression – source:

Install wallpaper to give the impression ‘different’ in your living room

This time we would like to recommend installing wall wallpapers. Not many people believe that wallpaper can also give a broad impression of a room. Importantly, wallpaper walls are taken care of regularly.

small living room wallpaper

small living room wallpaper – source:

Actually all of this depends on the motif of the wall wallpaper you choose. Avoid large or dark motifs. Of course, this wallpaper selection must also be adjusted to your favorite furniture in your living room. You may also try the beautiful of victorian living room ideas.

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