10 Best Small Living Room Decoration Ideas Most Recommended 2020

Yellow Living Room

If you want a small living room decoration for your inspiration. Then you come to the right place, where we have prepared some living room decorations that you can see. There are various designs and decorations for your small living room. But before continuing, we want to explain a little about the design and decoration of the living room.

Whereas we all know, that the living room is an important place in our home. This place is a place for us to make our guests comfortable to be more comfortable in it. If the design and decoration of the living room look ugly, guests will automatically think negatively about our home. So it is very important to maintain the beauty of this living room. Although the size of our living room is small, there is no problem to give a beautiful impression on it.

Here is Best Small Living Room Decoration Ideas:

Apartment Interior Decorating Ideas

The first small living room decoration we want to show is this. The decoration of a small room in an apartment that is suitable for you to use as inspiration. Spacious windows, soft long sofas, elegant glass tables, and comfortable rattan chairs. All furniture is united into a fitting combination in a small area. Some plants function as decoration and also air freshener in the room. Do not forget to also soft carpet for the comfort of this small living room area. And bright colors to give a broad impression of the room.

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Fact Japanese L Shaped Sofa

The second decoration is the decor of the living room with very bright colors. The shape of the living room is elongated, therefore the use of the L sofa is very fitting. Besides being suitable it also gives a charming view in this room. On one side it is used as a cupboard for you to store your things. Sofa table that is used to be multi-functional because it can be a refutation of your feet.

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How To Create A Living Room

Next, there are other designs and decoration recommendations from the small living room this time. In the living room of this apartment, we can see such an elegant design. Concrete ceilings, spacious windows, and a charming combination of black and white. One of the walls was given a black color for an attractive impression in the room. Then the beautiful painting becomes a fitting decoration for the area. Plus the furniture is so elegant and looks comfortable to use.

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Interior Design Living Room

Next is the small living room decoration with a long sofa that looks soft. In one living room is only filled with one long sofa and an attractive wooden table. Actually, you can add a few more small sofa chairs for additional seating. That way you can get a more perfect design in the application of this decoration.

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Mid Century Living Room

The next decor for our small living room decoration is a contemporary look. Where the design of the living room displays a modern impression in a small area. Two sofas that look soft with dark colors. Elegant wood floors and the addition of beautiful wall wallpapers. Then he added the warmth of the fireplace for the small living room area.

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Small Apartment Living Room

The design of this small living room decoration comes with charming soft colors. Sofas and carpets follow the color of the walls for perfect harmony. Then for the floor area using a beautiful wooden floor. And for the floor itself, you can also replace it with a vinyl coating with the same wood motif.

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Small living room design with pops

Decoration for the seventh small living room is a design and decoration that is quite simple. You can make it your inspiration by using a comfortable sofa with a different color. Then add an elegant glass table with a simple design. And finally, add a carpet with a pretty bright pastel color in the living room.

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Small Living Room Design

Then the next design that we chose was this living room design. Where you who have a small living room can make it a smart inspiration. First, you can put the sofa in the corner area of ​​the room. Try the size of the sofa and the table is not so big that it does not make the room narrow. Give a beautiful touch with a simple painting on one side of the living room.

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Tiny Living Room Ideas

The ninth design that you can copy is this small living room decoration. One long sofa with two small sofas shaped boxes as a comfortable seat. The blue carpet on the wooden floor makes a beautiful contrast. This design is perfect for those of you who choose to live in a small apartment.

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Yellow Living Room

And lastly, there was a small living room decoration with a brightly colored sofa. To be honest, the thing that made this drawing-room attractive was the color of the furniture. So it can be concluded that an attractive impression you can get with the right color combination. One of them is the design and decoration of this small living room.

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How? Are you interested in trying one of the decorations of the small living room above? I hope you can copy one of the designs and make it your own. That way you can beautify your own small living room area.

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